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Ideal Jewels that Comes as a Set

Le 23 août 2013, 07:09 dans Humeurs 0

A bride is willing to spend any amount of money in order to ensure that she appear glamorous on her special day. Although the most taxing thing to find is a garment, jewelry does not come as an easy selection either. However, the ease of getting it depends with the taste of a person. In order to make the budget cheaper, go for a bridal jewelry set. Usually, it comprises of the basic ornaments that are necessary for a bride. The guidelines below can be of great help in matters of choice.

As of the moment, there are way too many bridal stores to approach online. By the way, did you know web offers are much cheaper? The fact that vendors are short of rental fees and employment of huge workforces helps them to better price. Whether rich or poor, someone must be having a budget to operate on. Hence, do not go beyond your means, while there can never lack a dealer with a suitable jewelry set on offer such as wholesale rings.

Above all factors, observe the quality of the wholesale china products from online marketplace that you go for. It would look wired to own an expensive gown that is accessorized by cheap jewelry. In matter of price offers, be keen because some dealers own counterfeit products. As such, they sell the sets at lower prices. The trick behind is the fact that they lack originality and durability. It is much better to spend a little bit more so as to get the best quality. Observe the saying that goes, 'cheap is expensive'. Do not buy things that will not last long.

Loose beads can be acquired cheaply through various options. One means would be identifying friends who have weddings along the same period. This way, all sets can be bought in the name of one person. As a result, they will be qualified to the wholesale price offer. The other option would be purchasing the set from a friend who had a wedding and is not in need of the jewelry any more. All that matters is the fact that the gown gets accessorized by ornaments of high quality.

The Difference between Colic and Fussiness

Le 22 août 2013, 10:32 dans Humeurs 0

Every baby cries at some point, but some seem to cry more often and for longer periods than others. At some point, you may wonder if your baby is merely fussy, or if you are dealing with colic. There are a few distinctions that can help to clarify the issue.

Defining Colic and Fussiness

Doctors define colic as intense periods of crying that last for at least three hours at a time, three or more days a week, for a period of time of at least three weeks in duration. Colic is diagnosed when the baby is otherwise healthy, well-fed, and shows no signs of illness or other problems that might explain the crying.

Fussiness is a little more difficult to define, as there is no medical definition for it, and it really isn’t considered a condition. Fussy babies are generally more sensitive than other babies and may cry more often or take longer to soothe than most babies. Most fussiness isn’t caused by a medical condition either, but illness can cause a fussy baby to be even more difficult to calm or console.

The difference is generally in the duration and regularity of the crying. A baby with colic will usually cry at the same time of day, begin crying out of nowhere, and cry for a long period of time. Fussy babies cry randomly, and may have short burst of crying or longer periods. There may be an obvious reason for fussy behavior, or it may be difficult to tell what the reason is for the crying.

Determining Between Colic and Fussiness

If your baby cries more than three hours a day several days a week for many weeks straight, you are most likely dealing with colic. You should see your baby’s pediatrician to rule out other causes of the crying and confirm the diagnosis. If the crying is less often and less persistent, it is likely your baby is fussy but not colicky.

While colicky babies don’t often respond to traditional methods of soothing, fussy babies are more likely to be soothed with common tricks. It may require more effort and more persistence, however, and you might need to try a lot of different options to see what works for your baby.

Fussy babies tend to cry fairly frequently and are upset easily, but the crying doesn’t usually go on for hours the way it does with colic. Although it may seem like your baby is crying an awful lot, keeping track of how long crying spells actually last will make it easier to determine whether or not colic is actually a possibility. A fussy baby may cry many more time per day than a colicky baby, but the colicky baby’s crying will last much longer at a spell. Fussiness doesn’t usually follow a pattern the way colic does, and a fussy baby will cry at any time of day for difficult but not always impossible to determine reasons.

Keeping track of your baby’s crying habits is a good method of figuring out whether your baby has colic or is fussy. Write down when the crying started, how long it lasted, what caused it to stop (if it was anything obvious) and what soothing methods you tried. If you take your baby to the doctor, this record will also help the doctor to determine what is going on.


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NYDJ Enlists Helena Christensen, Heads to TV

Le 21 août 2013, 07:50 dans Humeurs 0

The Vernon, Calif.-based company, now identified as the largest women’s jeans brand in the department store channel by The NPD Group, has put the Danish-born model at the center of its fall marketing campaign, which will be the first to feature a known personality in its advertising as well as the first to include television advertising.

Shot by Alexi Lubomirski on location at Alder Manor in Yonkers, N.Y., the campaign, dubbed “Walk in Beauty” for the Lord Byron poem “She Walks in Beauty,” places the 44-year-old veteran of Victoria’s Secret in an historic setting as it showcases the brand’s growth from jeans-only to include tops, slacks and outerwear.

The print ads will drop with the September editions of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Elle, Real Simple and others, and the television commercials will begin airing on broadcast and cable TV on Sept. 9. Its e-commerce site at will be modified to include the new creative approach on Aug. 1.

“The decision to test television media was based on driving awareness,” said Edwin Lewis, chairman and chief executive officer of the company, “and through our integrated TV, print and digital campaign, we’re generating well over 150 million impressions. Our goal is to stoke the loyalty and passion that exists among our current customers while introducing NYDJ to an entirely new customer who may not know us.”

The ceo declined to disclose the spend on the campaign, saying instead that it had increased its marketing expenditures “significantly.” With an estimated annual volume in excess of $200 million, a 5 percent allotment for marketing spend would provide a total budget of more than $10 million for the year. Toth + Co. serves as NYDJ’s creative agency.

Christensen has made news as an editorial and advertising model, as a designer, photographer and editor and as an activist for numerous causes. With its market share growth and use of “Lift Tuck Technology” to promote itself as “the original slimming fit jeans,” NYDJ has had the attention of its competitors for several years, carving out a niche in stretch jeans that generally retail for less than $100 at the lower end and rarely at more than $120 at the high.

In disclosing the introduction of its new line of Revel body-shaping jeans, Levi Strauss & Co. called out several points of differentiation — in construction and its generally younger target market — between itself and the Southern California brand.

Owned since 2008 by Falconhead Capital LLC, a New York-based private equity firm, NYDJ was founded in 2003 and has been something of an outlier as higher-priced, more tightly cut premium jeans have garnered much of the attention in the jeans market.

“We have established credibility as a brand that knows and honors women’s curves,” said Lewis, adding, “and in this campaign we wanted to play up the emotional reason why women choose NYDJ — because our combination of fit and fashion makes her feel beautiful, confident and beautiful.”

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